‘Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment’ studio and auditions update

Maximum Ride Auditions Update

Universal Pictures has bought the rights to ‘Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment’, based on the best-selling young adult novel series by James Patterson. Columbia Pictures has put the film into turnaround. Catherine Hardwicke is still directing the film and will hire a casting director when the new screenplay final draft is complete.

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3 thoughts on “‘Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment’ studio and auditions update

  1. My sister Haley and I would like to audition for the Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment movie. We’re twins, which would be good for when the next Maximum Ride movie starts to get made,because one twin could be Max while the other is Maya (Max 2.)
    Here’s my email if you have any information about how I can get us an audition:
    Thank you.

  2. I want to audition as Max Ride.

  3. I can play any character in the movie. Even though I am African American, I study your book and picture myself as Fang, Ari, or the voice of Total. I know talk is cheap, but I really believe that I can play any parts. Any auditions that come up, I will be there and I will try my best. Also, if I don’t get any of the main parts, I still would hope to be an extra or some insignificant character. Please I really want to be apart of this movie.

    Age: 14
    Height: Five foot ten
    Gender: Male
    Parts I really want: Fang, Ari, Total

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