New Disney Channel comedy series ‘A.N.T. Farm’ casting in Los Angeles

Disney Channel Casting Stars
A.N.T. Farm stars China McClain, Jake Short, and Stefanie Scott
AB Media

It’s a Laugh Productions and Disney Channel are in pre-production on a new episodic series titled “A.N.T. Farm”. Casting for additional series regulars is underway. Guest stars, day players, extras, and stand-ins will continue to be cast throughout winter and spring 2011.

33 thoughts on “New Disney Channel comedy series ‘A.N.T. Farm’ casting in Los Angeles

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  2. Hello,Im Adaluz Cruz and i’m intrested to be on ant farm its been my dream to act and especially for disney channel here is some stuff about me Name:Adaluz Cruz Eye Color:Brown Hair Color:Brown with Light Brown Highlights Height:4’13 Weight:100
    Experience:School plays i played alex from wizards of waverly place and Miley from hannah montana i hope i get on thta show good day

  3. im keke im 9 years old i love being on tv my dad got to go on tv for like the news and i just love your guys show and its funny

  4. hello im ashley esparza im 12 years old nd i would love to audition for this show because i want to try to be star and i picked ur show so im hoping yuhh will get back back to me about that

  5. Hi i really want to be on ant farm i think i have what it takes to be on ant farm please my mothers name is ERICA her number is 256-715-7945 please call or email to my name is DAJA

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  8. Hello, My name is Tanasia L. and I enjoy Disney, Also I enjoy A.N.T Farm. Acting is my dream, I will appreciate if i can show you 100% of what I am capable of. I am 13 and I am a female. I have experience but not alot. I live in New Jersey but I can travel to NYC in 15 minutes or less. Please give me an opportunity to prove what I can do. Thank You!

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  10. hi my name is kaiylee and it is my dreem!!!!!! to be on ant farm im a singer in a band called blazing angels im 11 years old and really talented if u whant talent chose me

  11. I want to be a disney star

  12. I love acting i have a good impression on people i have a good facial impression i gave acted in plays and mc a program

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  14. Hello Nice to speak to you,I’m called megan And I think i should have the part because im BrilliANT At Dance And Singing,Ihave already been practising for my part Abby Daniella Monet And Im Good At Memorizing Lines Given to me I’m Good At Memory Games I always Win Them Haha,Abbys Advanced Natural Talent is Dance and she can do everything dancing And When im at home i stand up in my room dancing with my music I like the ANT Farm soundtrack The Best! I always Dance to it And I hope i get the Part Of Abby:) I have been in dance competitions And I won All Of Them!!
    I have done singing competitions too I come 1st 5 times and 2nd 3 times And Im 11 years Of age I Live in The UK (Oldham)I would Love you to pick me I hae already spoke to Sierra McCormick on the Phone And She said I Should have the part,I’ve got blonde hair,Bluey Greeny eyes,im 4,0 meters Tall,I have 2 sisters one called hannah whos 9 lauren whos 3 years of age My mums Called Donna My Dad Is Called Darren And I have a dog called harvey Hes A Cocker Spaniel ( golden) And I hope you get back to me with the auditions(:
    Thankyou if i Got In! Xoxo

  15. can my daighter aniya be on antfarm she is an big fanshe allways watch your show

  16. i rilly want to be on t.v i have talent so email me ok

  17. I would love to be the person to be on ant farm. I am 12years old and I’m ready to exsplor the world and give my best I have sighned up to for Manny of talent forms and they all were just rippoffs and I’m.just saying that iv tried a lot but im nevvver a person to give up.I lovetto try.sw things I lole to sing .dance. act. And be the bigger person I.never let anny one troll me wrong I’m a strong loving down to earth person

  18. Plz pick me immune a great talented person

  19. heloo myn name is tianna wells im 16 im attending martin luther king high school . im in the 1oth grade and im in the glee club because i love to sing and act . and i love disney channel especially so random and ant farm and goodluck charlie . i love to watch disney channel and i would love to be a actor and a singer so can yall please contact me at 267-248-5501 or 267-596-2733 or on facebook . tianna wells thank you šŸ™‚

  20. Aw. I wish I could be on Disney Channel I love acting and hope I can audition for a show. I m really really really flexible, I play the flute, and Iā€™m a really great singer!

  21. hi i am tianna. i really want to be on the show. i am a great actress and i love to dance. i am great at school and its my dream to be on ant farm so please let my dream come true. my parents have no problem with it all i need is someone to hire me. and i really want ant farm to hire me

  22. im 12 years old and looking for a.n.t farm auditions i watch this show alot and hopefully i’ll get a notice.

  23. hey im megan i LOVE ant farm for sooooo many years ive been praying and crying but it never came true i want to live my dreams please ill do anything i just want to live my dreams if you pick me ill help thousands of orther kids live thire dreams and that is a PROMIS thank you have a nice day…

    ps:thank you god

  24. i really love ant farms
    its just zp funny i just want to be apart of it

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  26. i really want to be in the show because i love Chyna and i really know how to sing i would like to play as her cousin that come from englend because i leave in englend but i can come to america to audittion and live there if you take me it would be a dream come true thank you

  27. i what to be on there im a good acter

  28. I really got talent and that why i want to be in the new Disney comedy series a.n.t farm my talent is singing and i can act very i have been practicing about singing and acting and i think is time to show myself to thwarting world as a kid of 9 years old my talent means so much to me so this is why i want to be on a.n.t farm.

  29. Hi, my name is Jamal Houston and I wanted to be on ANT farm I want to be a new ANT that is a Football player and I really want to play this roll. So email me if you think I can be on ANT farm. Thank you.

  30. Hi am Sharon Jonah i am 9years old and i will love to be part of ant farm because i got talent singing And acting acting on Disney channel has been my whole dream and i want to make my dream come true i hope you will pick me

  31. i love disney channel ant farm. i watch every episode of ant farm! it’s funny and very fun and cool.jake short is my favorite!!!!! i would sure love to be on ant farm.i have to say that i’d be so excited if i was able to be on that show!

  32. Hey I’m Tatiannaand I’m 14 years old I’m really interested in being on the set with the cast of A.N.T Farm their amazing I want to be on there so bad I have a resume and headshots my email is

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