New Disney Channel sitcom ‘Jessie’ auditioning actors for series regulars

Beautiful Debbie Ryan Starring In Jessie
Debby Ryan will play the starring role of au pair Jessie.
Creative Commons

It’s A Laugh Productions, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, will begin production on a new promising family sitcom for Disney Channel titled “Jessie” this summer, 2011. Auditions are underway for the series regulars, and additional casting will continue throughout spring 2011.

36 thoughts on “New Disney Channel sitcom ‘Jessie’ auditioning actors for series regulars

  1. I would love to receive an audition for this show! It is my true dream to be part of Disney Channel

  2. Hi,
    I would really like to audition for this show but i dont have details like when and where.
    please comment back if you have any of this info.

    kthanks :|)|

  3. I fit a role PERFECTLY!! Female, white, 12, sarcastic tough personality. THAT’S ME!! I am awesome at acting. All though i do not have experience but sometime when I hang out with my friends we put on “plays” and everybody who watched it asked me if I was a professional and if I was in theater. I have been looking for auditions for such a long time and I have wanted to act ever since I was 3. I am not 12, I am 11, but i look 12. Please contact me in any way if you want to. Thanks

  4. I’m sure this show gonna be great,because debby you are an awesome actor.
    I know that there’s no chance for me to be in this serie,but I’m sure I will love it.

  5. I would love to be on Disney Channel it would be a dream I’m 9 but I’m tall for my age. I love to sing and dance.Maybe one day I’ll get a main part. I hope you say yes. It’s my dream. I have dirty blonde hair, Blue eyes, and I love to sing.

  6. i already sent in my resume and picture in but I don’t have a demo will that effect me into getting this audition?

  7. I wish i can audition for the show i really do!
    But I can’t go to the audition place i live in singapore and its too expensive to get the tickets!

    I Love to sing and Act i always wish to be famous!
    So is there any how i can audition by online?

  8. Oh and I love you Debby!
    I watched every episode of The suite life on deck!

  9. when do the auditions start cause i live in stuart florida anad could get to miami but i need to know when they are thank you?

  10. I will love to be on disney channles shake it up cause ill be able to dance in front of alpot of people and try to cure my stage fright plus also i can sing with the help of my best friend celine and i can play the trombone,trumpet,baritone,and the tuba. So if you need a nother music projedy or a singer for shake it up contact me on facebook.

  11. I am trying to find an audition for Disney Chanel just trying to make sure there real plus its a little difficult being in FL

  12. I would like to audition for this show, please email me the details of where the auditions will take place. Thank you.

  13. Hello I am a girl with some acting. singing, and dancing skills and I would love to have an audition for one of the Disney Channel Show or any other thing πŸ™‚

  14. Hi my name is Aurora I’m 11 years.old since I was a little girl I loved to be on television it would an honor to be in t.v show

  15. hey my name is keVon Foster from New York New York, I’m 22 years old and the best there is and ever possible of being,

  16. i would to be on this show so i can show my true talent and skills to people and also show peoeple that i made it

  17. you stole my template!

  18. I know you guys are starting a new season so I was wondering if you were casting

  19. hey my name is angel im a male and im eleven years old and i have talent that includes dancing/making jokes and i have a dream of being on your show plllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssssssss pick me
    ps ppl say im good at acting

  20. please pick me to be on jessie

  21. Hi Pamela,

    I have read so much about you and your talent in writing. I was wondersing if you could direct me on where to take my 14 year old daughter to the right agent. I’m new to this industry and not sure where to start. Kyndall is 14 year old straight A student and type A personality. People say she looks like Jamie Spears! She is a good singer and has acted in a music viedo called butterflies by Alana Lee (you can see it on utube) she is the blonde that plays the mean girl . Her fiend is singing, but Kyndall does sing and act as well. Can you help me? I would be happy to send you her zed card, as we just had them done. We have no agent and don’t know where to start. I know Kyndall would love to be on Disney Channel or sing. She is also an excellant tumbler/flyer and on a competative cheer team that placed in the top ten in the Nation.

    Can I contact you and send you her pictures? I hope you can help me.

    Thanks sooooooooo much!

    Ann Marie Slotemaker

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  23. Hi i am Tianna Howell and I am 11.I would hope if you can give me a chance at jessie. I love to act and dance

  24. i would really like to be in jessie,only in one episode, like i could be jessies sister, coming to see how she is and stuff,and jessie’s whole family could come!i really like this programme, please let me in one episode.

  25. hi,am douglas.I come from Kenya where there are not many acting opportunities.I am a boy who would like to express himself.I feel like if I may be given a chance,I would give my best.I am hopefuly waiting for someone to choose me.Please,consider me

  26. Im a very nice boy and I just want to be one of the members to be a brother

  27. I really want to be on this show so bad! I love Jessie and i want to become an actress sooo bad! β™₯β™₯β™₯

  28. Hi I’m Sheila N. Perez
    I’m 12 years old
    I’m from Puerto Rico on the Caribbean
    I have long Dark brown hair and brown eyes
    Height: 5’5
    I was born on September 8,1999
    I know that my dream to be on the second season of Jessie is a lot of other peoples dream.
    Acting is my dream and life.
    I’m a very talented girl.
    I’m very helpful,sweet,kind,friendly and Intelligent person.
    In school I have A’s only.
    So if you know some auditions for Jessie or any other Disney Channel Original Series Please Call me at : 787-868-1914, 787-407-2576 or 787-431-0713 or at my Facebook: Sheila N. Perez
    Thanks For your time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  29. Can i audition for Jessie please?

  30. I was wondering I could audition for Jessie please,the cast crew if you are hearing this please.

  31. I love Jessie my acting teacher says I’m got a lot of talent I’m 11 and this has always been my dream

  32. im a child 11 years old a boy and i would like to auditiion

  33. i dont want to just be in one tv show i want to be a part of the family.

  34. I really want to be on Jessie because I want to be a actor on jessie

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