Summit Entertainment ‘Step Up 4’ actors and dancers open casting call


Sharni Vinson Hot

Sharni Vinson starred as talented street dancer Natalie in “Step Up 4”.
Creative Commons

Summit Entertainment is currently working on the 4th installment of the hugely successful dance franchise that started with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s “Step Up” in 2006. “Step Up 4” is scheduled to hit theaters in 2012, and the filmmakers are currently looking for dancers and two new faces to play the male and female lead roles in the new film.

5 thoughts on “Summit Entertainment ‘Step Up 4’ actors and dancers open casting call

  1. Hey I was wondering when are auditions and were are they held at. Really want to audition please reply back. Really would appreciate the oppurtunity.

  2. Hi my name is Prince .Michael i would love to have a chance to be on step up 4 because ive seen all 3 step ups and i love the dancing ive beendancing since iw as five years old and my whole life is bsed off of dancing i dance at my school parties talent show i even danced at the skating rink numeras of times i have an uconditional love for dancing especially music.I first found out i was ”B-FABB” when i was five ”BORN FROM A BOOM BOX” because i knwe how to do every move there was and i know how to dance like MY BELOVETH IDOL MICHAEL.JOSEPH.JACKSON i want to carry on his legacy and his spirit by doing this movie and i want to carry on the dance legacy in my family but in my own way they never got a chance to shine or succeed well i want to be the first person in my family to shine and succeed and i also want to show people who have no type of hope or dreams thats always discouraged by other people that they can always do it as long as they put there mind,heart soul,and body into it see me im always being challenged and discourage but i still dance and i always win everytime why proving people wrong is an easy but difficult thing to do but youll get it i waould love to be on step up 4.

  3. My name is Sharon and I know I am the perfect candidate for this movie. I am an phenomenal dancer and performer. I have participated in many activities,school and volunteer work in the performing arts area, and received credit and awards for my talent. I am 19 years old 130lbs and with a height of 5’5. I will be truely grateful if you grant me with the chance at being apart of this project. I look forward to hear from you soon.

  4. I just want be part of the movie it don’t have to be a lead role it would just mean the world if I was a dancer in this movie. Thanks 4 taking your to read this

  5. By when do we need to summit the video

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