The hit show ‘PrankStars’ casting Disney Channel star’s biggest fans

Selena Gomez Disney Channel PrankSter

The Beautiful and Talented Selena Gomez is a Disney Channel “PrankSter”
Creative Commons

The Zoo Productions Disney Channel hit hidden camera reality series “PrankStars” is in production and the show’s casting department is seeking boys and girls between the ages of 8-16, who are huge fans of a Disney Channel star. If selected to appear on the show, the unsuspecting tweens and teens come face to face with their favorite celebrities in unpredictable and humorous situations. Extras are also being cast to be a part of the pranks.

4 thoughts on “The hit show ‘PrankStars’ casting Disney Channel star’s biggest fans

  1. Me and my sister are huge fans. I’m 12 and a half. She’s 10 turning 11 on feb. 15. We love all Disney characters. I would love to meet Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber. He’s hot times google. My sister would like to meet Debbie Ryan.We would be thankful for anyone at all.

    Thank You,
    Stephanie N.(I’m the 12 year old.)

  2. to who it may concern: I am insterested in any auditing in any parts of the casting thats avaible email latasha 0602 thank you.

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  4. hey, i’m waleed , i like to act , direct &produce movies , in my free time i act and do short movies , my life dream is to become a hollywood actor . i live in israel , please contact me ,
    thank u 🙂

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