Casting underway for Leo DiCaprio produced “Akira” starring Kristen Stewart

Sexy Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart plays the role of Ky in the post-apocalyptic filmAkira“.
Creative Commons

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s production company Appian Way, in association with Legendary Pictures and Mad Chance, is set to begin principal photography on the feature film “Akira” this coming spring in Vancouver, BC. Casting is heating up as screen testing is taking place for the lead roles, and the supporting roles will be cast soon. The extras, photo doubles, and stand-ins for the film’s stars will be cast in Vancouver.

One thought on “Casting underway for Leo DiCaprio produced “Akira” starring Kristen Stewart

  1. Hey! I am 12 yrs old and I love to act. And I live near Vancouver and this would work great for me! And Kristen Stewart would be amazing to work with I would take this seriously and have a little fun with it! I have even in talent shows and musical acting shows, I know how to do lots of funny faces and be in the moment when I have to be mad or sad or happy. I would love to try this out I love anything that adventure, scary, comedy and dramatic kind of movies please let me have a shot with this
    Lots of people I know think I’ll never make it as a singer or a actress cause I’m a country singer to
    And also I’m a 5.4 blonde haired girl ( but I can dye it if I have to ) I have freckles on my nose and I have a athletic body so I can run around ALOT:) I’m sure I would be fun to work with I hope I can get a chance I’ll give everything I got to make this a success 🙂

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