Disney XD auditions for series pilot ‘Shmagreggie Saves The World’

 Disney Auditions Shmagreggie Saves The World
It’s A Laugh Productions produces all of Disney Channel’s sitcoms.
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Disney XD and It’s a Laugh Productions are currently in production on the comedy sitcom pilot “Shmagreggie Saves The World”. Disney casting directors are holding auditions for the show’s starring roles, which includes male and female fraternal twins. After the three starring roles are cast, the other series regulars will be cast. Extras will be cast closer to the shooting date in February, 2012.

4 thoughts on “Disney XD auditions for series pilot ‘Shmagreggie Saves The World’

  1. i would lik to have a cast calling with u guys

  2. Hello, I just would like to say, many many months ago, about in July, I replied to alot of these things. Thinking he/she will email me telling me more info, and got no emails. But now is now, and I am still looking everyday at this site. Please reply back! I want to know more about casting. Like how the director wants the twins to look like (hair, eyes…) or age. Please please PLEASE email me at lornanicole1@live.com

  3. Hi, I’m Daniel Little with Universal Model Agency, I’m 5’7 and 15 years old, I think i am perfect for this role. please contact me and i will be able to start right-a-away.

  4. hi mr allen, my twin brother and i sent in our pictures in about a month ago. Is disney xd still casting for this role because we were both really excited about the upcoming show,and that they are Casting male and female futurnal twins

    please reply or email for further updates

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