Disney Channel casting kids, teens, and babies for ‘Good Luck Charlie’ Season 3

Bridgit Mendler Good Luck Charlie

The beautiful and talented Bridgit Mendler stars as Teddy Duncan in “Good Luck Charlie”.
Creative Commons

It’s a Laugh Productions and Disney Channel are back in production on the hit multi-camera teen sitcom “Good Luck Charlie” as it begins taping it’s 3rd season. New kids, teens, and infant twins are being cast as series regulars, recurring roles, and guest stars. The third season will feature an addition to the Duncan family, a new baby. There will be a talent search for infant twins to play the role of the new baby, as there was for the role of Charlie Duncan (casting directors were unsuccessful in finding an appropriate set of twins for the role of Charlie and decided to cast Mia Talerico).

7 thoughts on “Disney Channel casting kids, teens, and babies for ‘Good Luck Charlie’ Season 3

  1. I would love to play a role in good luck Charlie why? You ask I love acting cause I love to play other people every sence I was little I wanted to act… By the way I’m dark skinned, 5/6 with dark brown eyes I’m a very silly girl. Also I can be very serious. If you chose me you will love your decision. I hope I get picked

  2. Also I could play emmit little sister or cousin or I could play ivy cousin or little sister

  3. hi my name is renique walker and i am age 12 going on to 13 and i hope i can have the chance to be a cast in good luck charlie i would like to play a role as ivy’s sister from england because i am living in enlgand if that isnt possible i would just like the chance to have a random part in good luck charlie thank you my e-mail adress is renique@live.com

  4. I am interested in finding out audition times and locations.

  5. I have a beautiful almost 10 month old who would be available to act if an appropriate set of twins is not available.

  6. I hope i can be on the show if i am “Good Luck Charlie” 8D

  7. Hi my name is Chloe Stevenson I am 13 years old I am 5″5 I have brown hair and brown eyes my dream is to be on Good Luck Charlie and meet the cast I love being in school plays and I would really appreciate it if I could be on the show I really really really want this please you would make me a very happy person. Please contact me asap x:) thanks

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