“Catching Fire” Auditions and Casting Call Update

Catching Fire Auditions

Lionsgate's "Catching Fire" will film in Fall, 2012.

Casting calls and auditions information for the second film in Suzanne Collin’s “The Hunger Games” trilogy – “Catching Fire” – will be posted at www.acting-auditions.org as they become available. Director Gary Ross, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth have all signed on to all four of the Hunger Games films. “Mockingjay” will be shot as two separate films back-to-back just as “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” was filmed. Production on “Catching Fire” will begin late Summer/early Fall, 2012, and the movie will hit theaters on November 22, 2013.

18 thoughts on ““Catching Fire” Auditions and Casting Call Update

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  2. I am a 20year old, slim built, 5’6″ with black hair and brown eyes. I carry a lot of confidence but I’m surely not cocky. I am very out going and love being that way. I know in my heart I would be a great for your movie no matter the role. I have an African/British accent and I think my unique cultural features would add a great touch to your film. I am determined and put my heart and soul into my performances. There isn’t much more I can say for you to give me a chance to audition, but I am what you are looking for. So don’t look any further and choose me!
    Thank you for your time, which surely won’t be wasted if you cast me.
    I look forward to hearing from you!!

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  4. I would like to auditions as someone Idc who

  5. The books fo The Hunger Games are awsome they were the best of any other book that i have read

  6. Hello my name is Madison and I was wondering how I can auditions for parts in the Hunger game series? I live in England but will be in America for a period of time soon.

  7. This seems sort of silly to ask but is this information just for extras or are they still casting more principal roles? Not the major ones (Johanna, Finnick) but other roles that are not the major characters for this film.

  8. Does anyone know where to find the latest casting calls for extras for “Catching Fire”?

  9. Being an extra on a movie is a major item on my Bucket List. I think I would make a great extra on “Serena” as a lumberjack. You can see my best “rednect look” on my Facebook page or at autumnsaluda on YouTube. I’m located ink Asheville, NC in the middle of where the novel takes place.

    I also think I’d be a good extra on the next “Hunger Games” movies. I know a number of people who were extras on the first movie and would love to be in one of the next ones.

    Thanks for considering me!

  10. Hi!
    I can acsess the link and I’m just wondering about casting calls and auditions, plus additional info about what roles are available. In an aspiring actress in Sydney and I’d love to be a part of such an amazing movie!!!!
    Thanks, Amy

  11. I heard that the auditions for Catching Fire were going to be on April 8th. I wanted to know if this is true or not. Can someone help me out? Thanks for your time.

  12. My name is Genesis,I love to act and dance. I am 13 years old. I live in Vancouver Washington. I have dirty blond colored hair and I am 4’7 1/2. I am currently waiting to see if i have gotton in a peforming arts school, (Vancouver School of Arts and Acedemics)for Dance and Acting. I can play whatever role you give me, I always put in hard work plus 5 times more. When I was younger watched stars having fun on camera, and to live that would be amazing!

  13. Are they still casting for extras?

  14. Have auditions been set up yet? And will they conflict with school?

  15. I want to Be in a hunger game movie

  16. Hello my name is Giselle Ycaza and i am very interested in auditioning. Ive been asisting to acting classes since i was little.
    My height is 5´7
    I have green eyes
    I have dirty blonde hair

  17. i need to audition….

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