Disney Channel casting starring roles for new series ‘Fantasma’

Wizards of Waverly Place Selena Gomez

From the producers of “Wizards of Waverly Place” starring Selena Gomez.
Creative Commons

Auditions for the brand new Disney Channel half-hour comedy sitcom pilot “Fantasma” are now underway for the series regulars. Casting is taking place in Los Angeles, where the show will be videotaped. Both union and non-union extras will be hired when shooting begins in July, 2012. The storyline follows a family that moves into an old house, and they soon discover that there is a perky teenage girl already living there – and she just so happens to be a ghost!

26 thoughts on “Disney Channel casting starring roles for new series ‘Fantasma’

  1. This sounds interesting!!!!!! Would love to be on a show like that .

  2. Sound interesting

  3. Hi(:! I would love to audition for this show! But I dont have photos:/ is there any other way I could audition? Im hispanic, dark brown eyes, black hair, around 5’3 in a medium size body(but I am losing weight already(:) I’ve done some acting at school, if that helps. Well, thanks anyway(:!

  4. Ooop! I forgot to mention! Im 16:]

  5. how do i get an audition for this show ?

  6. I have never done any professional acting before, but I would low to start now! I have great ambition and I’m a very fast and dedicated learner! I love to dance and preform but most

  7. Hi iam willing to be as in extra in this new upcoming show. Iam 16 years old do not have acting expierience but iam willing to learn. Iam a friendly person and get along with others. I hope to hear of you guys soon.

  8. i already left my comment but i wanted to leave my website…THANK YOU

  9. It would be an honer to be on the show.It would be my starting point for me!

  10. i would love the opportunity to act in such a show. i love acting, singing and dancing. i’m very confident and i give 100% to anything am apart of. if you let i’ll promise you will be amazed. i have been dancing all my life and acting in drama classes and shows. PLEASE consider me. thank you.

  11. My daughter is an 8yr old African American and has a strong desire to act, dance, and sing. We are currently in an Acting competition in Orlando, FL (The Event 2012) and would love the opportunity to further her career. We have head shots and a resume that we can send to you asap. We can also send a short video.

  12. Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a 14 year old girl with brown hair and blue green eyes. I have a great Passion for acting and I would love to be an extra or background person. I don’t have much experience, just some acting classes, but I really think I could prove myself to you. If u can email me back some information on auditioning ( time and place) then I would be happy to come! Thank you

  13. Hello I’m 19 years old I would love to be part of the series Fantasma. Im a very friendly kind caring girl love meeting new people always dream of being on Disney Channel. I took a day of acting class before and the director said I did great. I don’t have much experience in acting but I know I would do great and I love learning new things. Please pick me and I promise you won’t regret having me on this new series. 
    Look me up on Facebook.com/jwinkey1 
    Thank You hope to hear from you soon I would really love to have this experience and opportunity.  
    Height: 5’2
    Hair color: Dark Brown 
    Eye color: Brown
    Race: Black/Puerto Rican 
    Age: 19

  14. Hi ! Im Taryn . Im from Gulfport Ms . I havent done any acting and yet im quite shy but i know if i had an opportunity to be apart of something like this i know i could break free of my shyness and my confidence would rise !

  15. I think the show is going to be a hit!

  16. i always watched disney channel since i was little, i would love to be on it because it seems like a cool show and selena gomez is my role model.

  17. Please pick me iv always whanted to befamouse I liv it

  18. OMG! I really hope I am note to late to audition! Acting has been my dream and will always be my dream. I hope I can still audition! 😦

  19. Id love to be in this show

  20. I have not had any acting experience but I believe I could make the cut to be on the show

  21. I don’t have any acting experience in act but I believe I could make the cut to pass the audition thanks

  22. im 13 i might not be the tallest girl. but i love acting, dancing, and singing. i write scirpts for but i know that nobody well see them. i wrote a movie. and im writing scirpts for a tv show i made. and i could write any scirpts for any show you guys want. so email for anything. thanks for reading and your time.

  23. will there be any Fantasma auditions in New York City

  24. I would love to be in fantasma I love to act and love to be in front of the camera and I come from a musical family also and I am willing to do anything I would love to do this thank you for all your time!!!!
    Dark brown hair

  25. Hi I would like to be chosen even though the time has passed! I am a great person and super great at faking pain. Also improving memorizing things as long as I’m put with a great director and acquaintance I will do good I promise.

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