Acting auditions and extras casting underway for NBC’s ‘Revolution’

Tracy Spiridakos Charlie Matheson Revolution

Canadian actress Tracy Spiridakos plays the central character on “Revolution”.
Creative Commons

Bonanza Productions, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television are set to begin production on a new and exciting television series on July 16, 2012 in Wilmington, NC. The show is called “Revolution”, and is about a group of survivors who have banded together in a land where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist. Casting for principal actors is ongoing in Los Angeles and North Carolina. The extras casting director is now taking email submissions from people interested in working on the show.

5 thoughts on “Acting auditions and extras casting underway for NBC’s ‘Revolution’

  1. i would love the opportunity to be apart of this show and team. i am a born survivor and i commit 100% to whatever am apart of. i love acting, singing and dancing. i’m confident that i will amaze you with my talent and skills. please consider me. thank you.

  2. Have appartment on DAPPLE COURT NEW CENTER COMMONS. Am currently aware of filming on market at the old sticky finger restaurant. Have mobility around town drive car. I am approximately 6ft tall 225 in decent physical condition hazel eyes brown hair straight treeth LOL. Love life and would love and oppurtunity to work on show! Cell phone number ( 910-964-6220) P.S. The show looks very thrilling which is my style. Thanks!

  3. Very untreated can ride horese have decent experience with most guns m14 somewhat familiar shotgun expert grew up hunting riding horses shooting guns. Where would I got to meet someone about more details?

  4. Want to read for a character role

  5. I would love to be a extra It will be my dream come true

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