Auditions underway for Walt Disney Pictures feature film ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

Tom Hanks Walt Disney Saving Mr. Banks

Tom Hanks will play Walt Disney in “Saving Mr. Banks”.
Creative Commons

The true story behind the 1964 Walt Disney Productions musical film Mary Poppins is being made into a modern behind-the-scenes movie titled “Saving Mr. Banks”. Walt Disney Pictures will begin shooting September, 2012 in Los Angeles and Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. Casting for starring and supporting roles is underway. One very coveted role will be the child actor who plays Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers at 7 years old. Auditions are taking place in Los Angeles, with additional casting in Queensland, Australia. The film’s extras, photo doubles, and stand-ins will be cast in both Los Angeles and Australia.

3 thoughts on “Auditions underway for Walt Disney Pictures feature film ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

  1. hi mr baltes im stephanie francis im 15 and 5’3 i would love to take part in this production i would love it if there were more information so can you please take the time to email me thank you

  2. saving mr.banks seems like a cool movie to be in. i have little experience in acting but am willing to put all my time into it.

  3. I would like a saying call cause I’m very out going my friends say I’m very funny I’m good at acting witch I do every day haha and am doing dreamer at school…x

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