Disney casting lead roles for new family film ‘Super Buddies’

Disney Channel G Hannelius Rosebud

Disney Channel’s G. Hannelius does the voice of Rosebud.
Creative Commons

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Key Pix Productions are set to start filming “Super Buddies“, the 6th installment in the Air Buddies franchise. The casting director is auditioning for both on-camera and voice-over talent. There are roles being cast for boys and girls, adults, and seniors. Shooting will take place in Vancouver, BC from late August through October, 2012. Principal actor roles are being cast in both Los Angeles and Vancouver, while the extras and stand-ins will all be cast in Vancouver.

3 thoughts on “Disney casting lead roles for new family film ‘Super Buddies’

  1. Hello,
    I was just wondering how I am supposed to send my headshot and resume without the address for the main characters list in Vancouver B.C? Please reply for I am truly interested in this movie.
    Veronica Bell

  2. I would love to audition for it but how

  3. Hi, my name is luisa levy and i love acting and have a hipster look to myself. Im 16 years old and like having alot of fun! i hope to hear back 🙂

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