Disney Channel casting series regulars for new TV show ‘Kirby Gates’

Kate Winslet David Bowers Flushed Away

“Kirby Gates” is produced and directed by David Bowers,
who brought you “Flushed Away” starring Kate Winslet.
Creative Commons

Auditions are underway for a brand new Disney Channel series pilot titled “Kirby Gates”. The single camera comedy will combine live-action and animation. Kids and teens from 12 – 17 years of age are being cast as series regulars, as well as adults for possible recurring roles should the series be picked up. Many kids and teens will also be hired as extras to play students and other roles. People of any ethnicity can submit, or register for extra work. The show is under SAG-AFTRA with AFTRA contract terms. Shooting will begin in November, 2012.

6 thoughts on “Disney Channel casting series regulars for new TV show ‘Kirby Gates’

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  2. Hi my name is Arinesha! I am 16 years old & acting is my passion! please reply

  3. hi my name is janelle nicholson , i am 13 years old , i’ve been wanting to do this acting thing since i was little and i was hearing that is very hard to become a actor , and i really want to play in a disney channel movie , my hair color is dark brown , my eye color is dark brown , im african american , my height is 5’5 , my weight is 110 pounds , i hope you guys see this i really want to get a part i will study all my lines everyday

  4. Hi my name is margaux and I love acting singing and dancing I have a very good backround in all three. I m 14 years old but I can act much older or much younger. Acting is my dream. Please contact me.

  5. I love acting so if I’m on tv it would be a big chalenged for me!!!

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