Disney Channel auditioning actors for new series pilot ‘I Didn’t Do It’

Demi Lovato Sonny with a Chance

I Didn’t Do It” comes from one of the writers for “Sonny with a Chance“.
Creative Commons

Bandwagon Entertainment has been given a series pilot order by Disney Channel for a new sitcom titled “I Didn’t Do it”. Auditions are underway for the series regulars and possible recurring roles. Extras and stand-ins will be hired starting early January, 2013 when shooting begins in Los Angeles. There are many roles for actors to play high school students, especially needed will be extras who are 18 and over who can play younger. The 1/2 hour show centers around a pair of fourteen year old fraternal twins and their dubious tales, with stories told in reverse menology.

7 thoughts on “Disney Channel auditioning actors for new series pilot ‘I Didn’t Do It’

  1. where and when are the auditions?

  2. Hi I’m Sheila Perez
    I’m 13 years old
    I live in Puerto Rico
    Im about 5’5″
    I love acting, Singing And Dancing
    My passion is my Acting
    I know that there is a lot of many girls that want this paper of the Twin Claire but I think that Im perfect for this paper
    So if you are going to have auditions please to be them on Puerto Rico
    Call me for any audition at 787-868-1914
    Thanks for your time ❤ ❤ 🙂

  3. His my name is jaylon and i an 12 years old. I have ben wanting to be a disney star sense 2006. My role role model from disney is China Anne McClain. I can sing,dance,model, act. I really want to do this i have thought of nothing but this please contact me i love disney channel. The best show gas benefit any farm scene that’s so raven, i have a group called clueless we have benefit posting videos on youtube check it out thanks for listening have a great day

  4. My name is Breanna. you can call me Bre. And have never been an actor but I really am willing to be a actor. I am 19 years old and I have always wanted to be on Disney channel. 🙂 I am a very nive and Goofy person. I have a 4 month old daughter and I love being around people. I live in shreveport Louisiana.

  5. I would love to be part of your production as and actor

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