New ABC series ‘Nashville’ casting talent in Los Angeles and Tennessee

Connie Britton Rayna James Nashville

Sanford Meisner trained Connie Britton plays the series lead of Rayna James.
Creative Commons

The new ABC musical drama television series “Nashville” is in production and casting directors in Los Angeles and Tennessee are auditioning talent for guest starring and recurring roles. The larger roles are cast in Los Angeles, with additional casting for smaller roles in Tennessee. The extras casting director in Nashville is hiring people throughout season one, which continues shooting through December 10, 2012. All ages and types of people are needed for fully paid background work, and no prior experience working as an extra is required.

Open casting calls for feature film “42” starring Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman

Legendary Pictures is in pre-production on the major feature film “42” starring Harrison Ford. The casting directors are holding open casting calls for people in Alabama and Tennessee who would like to work as extras on the film. Additional extras casting will take place in Atlanta and Macon, Georgia. The movie will be filmed in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee beginning in May, 2012. Shooting locations include Chattanooga’s Engel Stadium and Luther Williams Field in Macon, GA. Extras of all ages will be used in the film, however the open calls are for extras 18 years of age and older.